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Dedicated Server

Features Shared Hosting High Performance Unmanaged VPSDedicated ServerManaged VPS

A panel such as Plesk, DirectAdmin or cPanel allows you to manage basic aspects of your site without using a terminal.

cPanel Plesk Varies ( + $$ )Varies ( + $$ )Sometimes
1-Click WordPress **
Free SSL * *
Global DNS Network

Global DNS networks usually take advantage of anycast routing and global PoPs to speed up DNS resolution and your site.

Managed Infrastructure

Managed infrastructure meansn you don't have to worry about the physical hardware - power, network, hardware components.

( + $$ )
Monitored 24/7 ( + $$ ) ( + $$ )Usually
Free Migrations Sometimes
Automated Backups Sometimes
WordPress Expert Support

WordPress support gives you access to experience WordPress experts that can help with troubleshooting broken/non-functional aspects of your WP site.

Page Rules

Page rules allow for granularized control of your caching/firewall and filter by headers/URL. This can also be done via .htaccess but it is not as effective.

Access Delegation

Access delegation allows the assigning of certain privileges to another user.

* (via OS)* (via OS)* (via OS)

Resources are required for running the scripts necessary to generate your site. For VPS/Dedicated servers, this is dependent on what specs you purchase.

1-4 CPUs / GB RAM Dynamic, No Limit Purchased Purchased Purchased
PHP Versions 5.6-8.0 7.4 Any Any Any
Speed Fast Fastest Slow - Faster Slow - Faster Fast - Faster
Brotli & HTTP/2 * **
Premium CDN Sometimes ( + $$ )
Speed Audits Sometimes
Zero-Contention Environment

Zero contention means you don't have to compete for CPU/DB time with other sites or processes assuming reasonable usage.

Sometimes ( + $$ )Sometimes ( + $$ )

Caching stores static versions of your site to serve to visitors, speeding it up drastically.

- CynderHost Cache™ - (Self Configure) - (Self Configure) None / Custom / Litespeed

SmartPurge refers to the automated purging of modified pages from the cache. (and preloading those pages in our case)

(Only on LS)
Native WP Integration DependsDependsDepends
Cache Replication
Edge Caching

Edge cache caches your site at a CDN level, providing massive scalability and performance gains.

Query String Handling If ConfiguredIf ConfiguredIf Configured
Response Time (Global) 150-300 ms < 30 ms 100-400 ms100-400 ms100-200 ms
Scalability Limited Near-Infinite Scalable ( + $$ )Scalable ( + $$ )Scalable ( + $$ )
Monthly Visitors

Monthly visitors are highly dependent on the type of site and configuration. Estimates represent a maximum in ideal conditions.

~20,000-40,000 100,000,000 + 10,000,000 + 10,000,000 + 10,000,000 +

Concurrency refers to the number of requests/users that can be served at once. This is also dependent on the site and configuration.

Limited 40,000+ requests/second Depends Depends Depends
Security Secure Enterprise Grade Insecure By Default Insecure By Default Usually Secure
Malware Scanning Sometimes
WAF / Anomaly Detection

A WAF blocks attacks (XSS / SQLi / RFi / etc) against your WordPress site. Anomaly detection finds unexpected surges in traffic/requests and routes them for further verification.

L7 DDoS Protection
WordPress Hardening Sometimes
Hack-Fix Guarantee

As long as basic security measure are deployed and adhered to (ie, strong passwords) - this service will fix your site for free if it's hacked.

Storage Platform RAID SSD Highly-Available NVMe DependsUsually RAIDDepends
Web Stack LAMP Custom, LANMP + CDN Generic, LAMPGeneric, LAMPDepends
Uptime SLA 99.9% 99.9%+ Only Infrastructure Only Infrastructure Depends
Architecture Bare Metal "Cloud" - virtualized VirtualizedBare MetalVirtualized
CPU Dual Xeon High Frequency (4.7+ GHz) DependsDependsDepends
Monthly Cost $1 - $ 8 $18.99 + $5 +$30 +$10 +

At the end of the day, our servers run on hardware too. In theory, it would be possible to reproduce our stack given ample time, knowledge, and resources. There are many factors and variables to configuring VPS/Dedicated server. While we went off typical offerings, we do understand there are edge cases that may not reflect our chart. The performance and security of a server are dependent on the system administrator / user who configures it. Therefore, we used ranges for factors that are especially dependent on this.

While many external DDoS / CDN services exist, most cost with additional cost, maintenance, and configuring. It's impossible to account for every variation, and therefore our chart reflects only what is included by default with the service.

We've omitted "Managed" Dedicated servers - these are usually identical to those of a "Managed" VPS save price and virtualization.

Items denoted with * refer to points that are usually not included/configured by default but can be easily set up with basic experience.