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I originally decided to use CynderHost due to their extremely low prices. Only when I contacted the support team to decide on the machine I needed did I realize how much better the overall experience can be.

The support team helped me decide on the specifications I needed, guided me through the setup process (since I'm not very experienced in this field) and were available at a moment's notice for any issues I ran across (even if they were caused due to my code). Would you rather have real people help, guide and provide to you or an inaccurate automated system that's milking you for money?

- Kevin Thomas


Great Pricing and Support

Bought a shared hosting package. They have best prices, features and support responses are fast. And more importantly my website loads more quickly. I expect CynderHost to keep cheap prices and good support forever!

If Cynderhost was a watch it would be a Rolex!

9 months of using Cynderhost review:


Customer support is very quick and they went out of their way to help me when I needed the little of things with my VPS like fixing errors when installing python libraries etc.


Cynderhost are not like the others, Out of all the questions I've asked John Karl (a lot) he never disappoints! And almost all the questions weren't about the VPS. Even helping me setup my own Minecraft server which Cynderhost has a service of. Instead of telling me to purchase a plan he helped me set it up.

Fast Server and Amazing Support

Moving to Cynderhost is one of the best decisions I made for my online business. There are so many web hosting claiming that their servers are fast. But Cynderhost proves them wrong.

From my experience they certainly warrant 5 stars.

From my experience they certainly warrant 5 stars. Welton and Ivan and others have been not only very supportive but also very quick in replying back to my tickets. I am in the UK and I know their support centre is open for around 15 hours in another country which is alright for now and I believe they might soon go 24/7 but what really matters is the quality and speed as well as the cheap tariff for their fast and efficient hosting plans. I had been recommended by a friend and will definitely recommend them to others. Happy and satisfied with Cynderhost :))


Amazing hosting at a low price, fast support, overall the best service you will get for Minecraft hosting.

CynderHost 11/10

I've been using Cynderhost for some months now, and I would recommend them. The hosting is excellent, and the custom support is even better. You won't regret them and they provide high quality hosting for a cheap price so it's definitely a grab.

The service both shared and performance are...

The service both shared and performance are out standing but most of all the support they go beyond measures!

Worth Cost

I recently bought hosting from Cynderhost only for 1 dollar a month, and it's been worth the cost so far. Good quality, with plenty of plugins.


Ran into some problems after purchasing and got them fixed straight away! The customer service is excellent. Would recommend this to everyone.

One word .... PERFECT !


Superb value for money, customer service is too fast, and perfect! We will always help you, if you are nice there is no problem! I thank the whole team, I had hesitated to take the step, but I did it and I do not regret anything.

I wish you a good day / evening.

Their support is unbelievably well

Their support is unbelievable! I had a problem with my Minecraft Server and they instantly helped me install a brand new server pack within 20 minutes, free of no charge. Not only are they cheap, they also provide unbelievable support with pretty much anything. They answer within 30 minutes most of the time! Best hosting company i've seen so far!

Customer support was very fast

Customer support was very fast and nice. My issue was solved within 5-10 minutes. Great support and great hosting!

customer services

so, I was using infinityfree hosting for free and ran into one y'all engineers on reddit. In doing so has refereed me over to this host and for all the customer service i was provided with every answer no matter how tedious or small it has been answered with great respect and timing. That is exactly how you get a client and keep a client. Keep up the good work yall are doing stay friendly !!!!

Very good service :)

bought the $3/mo discord hosting, it's really good. I didn't know nothing about how to make it and they set the VPS up for me. I really appreciate them doing that for me cause other VPS companies wouldn't do that! Looking forward on using this more! Thanks!

Absolutely Superb Service and Hosting

Thanks guys!!

Cynderhost has been absolutely superb in basically all aspects. Migration was simple, support was super nice and John even helped me improve the SEO of my WordPress blog. I cannot say how thankful I am to cynder's team for doing so much for my site and making it so much faster too. Stop reading my review. Go sign up.

amazing service and support

I'm impressed by this webhost!! Ivan is super helpful along with the rest of the support team and they helped me fix a bunch of issues I had with my blog. super affordable and cheap.

Amazing Support

Amazing Support. Provided help and assistance getting us setup with our site. Would recommend to anyone who needs a host.

The bestest host

The bestest host They are fast and no downtime, my service is much faster now from my old web host, and support helps me a lot. I like them

Great, cheap and friendly service 👍

Cynderhost gave me the VPS I requested for exactly how I wanted it to be with perfect specs, and a surprisingly cheap price I wouldn't have found anywhere else. They have a great support team who helped and guided me throughout the process and even helped me out for problems I had not regarding the VPS!

Cynderhost Rocks

Cynderhost rock! They are so cheap and fast compared to previous web host. Go buy this host!

Amazing Services!

Amazingly Cheep and there support is absolutly amazing! Had alot of issues with the service but they were always fast to fix it!

Great host for websites

good host with good features

10/10 hands down

10/10 hands down, I have to give it to the cynderhost team. Support is super responsive and top notch, they even edited some of my files for me to fix an redirection issue I had. Highly recommend!

My review on Cynderhost

I've never had a problem with Cynderhost. They're support has been nothing but great and they've always had a solution to my issues. I couldn't recommend a better host than them!

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“CynderHost...really stood out and earned Top Tier status this year. Perfect uptime is always a great start. Their K6 average response time was 14ms, beating the next fastest competitor by 27ms, and their P99 was 63ms beating the next fastest by 73ms. They had the fastest Load Storm average response time at 97ms and fastest wp-login time too. Throw in the second fastest WPT average response time and it was a clear Top Tier showing for CynderHost.”

- Kevin Ohashi

“Out of all the hosting providers I’ve ever tried, CynderHost has the best customer support by far.”

- MintyBlogging